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26:5 Speaker Profile: Scaling your agency

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Meet Troy Dean:

Troy Dean is an online marketing speaker; coach, consultant and podcaster. Troy specialises in helping businesses and entrepreneurs use the internet to attract new customers and build their communities.

He also runs a membership community training businesses on how to attract better clients, create better briefs and charge the right prices.

Troy Dean  - Agency Mavericks


Troy Dean

Agency Mavericks

Agency Transformation Live:

You will find Troy up on that stage Keynote speaking at Agency Transformation on Day One of the event.

Session Topic:

Opening Keynote: Scaling your agency


Troy will be talking all about how to create leverage in your business as your business continues to grow, so that you can find freedom and get your life back and remember why you started your business in the first place.

He will be covering why you should grow the business and will also be teaching some practical strategies to help you grow and not freak out and get overwhelmed in the process.

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