Building A Better WordPress Business

S1-E5 - Featuring Troy Dean

December 27, 2015

Building A Better WordPress Business

Join Lee as he talks with the one and only Troy Dean of WP Elevation Fame!

COMING UP NEXT WEEK! Lee talks with Jan Koch from http://jkoch.me, restart specialist and all round amazing guy!

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Main Takeaway:

Unsubscribe from all those emails you don’t get super excited about reading, then use the time saved to PLAN. “most people don’t achieve what they want in business, because they don’t know what they want in business.”

Connect with Troy

Web: http://troydean.com.au/

WP Elevation: http://www.wpelevation.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/troydean

Recommended Resources:

Optin-Monster: http://optinmonster.com

Video User Manuals: http://www.videousermanuals.com/

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