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Why repurpose content?

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Repurposing, now that’s a word I bet you hear quite a lot in agency life. The question is do we fully understand the idea of repurposing and are we using it to it’s true potential. If you are creating one piece of content be it a video, podcast or even a blog post, then repurposing is essentially reusing that content elsewhere in a different format.

Why Repurpose?

The simple answer is that everybody consumes information in different ways. Here at Angled Crown, we like to listen to podcasts on our commute. Whereas some people that are poor on time may benefit more from an infographic or a short animation to process the information. Repurposing is making valuable content appeal to all types of consumers not just the one. By this logic therefore if I were to only create podcasts for the next two years, I am potentially missing a whole range of people that consume content in a completely different manner.

To further demonstrate this, we repurposed some video content that we recorded today into this blog post. By simply getting the audio of the video transcribed, we were able to use it as a structure to create a short educational blog post on the subject. This probably means you prefer reading blog posts, rather than watching videos. Boom!

The video:

Adopting this process opens up endless possibilities for our business.

We are able to further re-use our content in a variety of different ways. For example; we can cut out great one-liners from this post or from the video transcript and create graphics to share on social media. We might cut 30 seconds of meaty content from a video for twitter, meaning someone in a rush can grab a great soundbite of content. These are all super shareable and can encourage traffic back to the original source. Our YouTube video.

An finally, by creating multiple different pieces of content from the original source material, you are likely:

  • capturing a wider audience
  • building up credibility
  • being visible and present (brand awareness)
  • generating shares
  • having a positive SEO impact

What ways are you repurposing content? Let us know in the comments below.

Check out the video here



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