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Increase your agency leads with an engaging quiz

Drive engagement & conversion on your agency website with an interactive quiz. Learn why they perform 3x better than traditional lead magnets.

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Do you have a lead magnet on your agency website?

If so, do you know how well it’s performing?

If you’re anything like me, you probably created a checklist or a free PDF, and you’ve just left it on your website in the hopes that people are downloading it. (I bet you close mine without reading earlier)!

The problem with standard lead magnets, like these examples, is that they are a bit “static” and not very engaging.

Plus, let’s be honest, how many of your leads, go on to actually buy from you? Not very many, I’m guessing.

That’s exactly why you might want to consider using a lead generation quiz to grow your agency.

What is a quiz?

We’ve all taken online quizzes before to pass the time. You have seen quizzes like:

  • Which Disney character are you? (I'm Mickey Mouse FYI).
  • What’s your personality type?
  • Take the online IQ test…

An online quiz usually consists of three elements:

  • A landing page
  • A set of questions
  • A results page

The reason quizzes are effective is that they are fun, interactive, and we’re naturally curious to see the outcome.

But how does this apply to you and your agency?

Well, you can actually use a lead generation quiz to dramatically improve your agency...

Below, I’ve broken down 4 reasons you might want to consider it:

Higher-Quality Leads

The obvious one. Lead generation. Maybe you want to build an email list or grow your audience so you can help more people succeed. To do this, you generally have to give something away in exchange for contact information, and it should be something of value.

Lead generation quizzes tend to perform really well compared to other types of lead magnets.

For instance, the industry average for landing page conversion rate is between 5-15%. This means if you use a PDF lead magnet, a webinar or a free video series, you would have to get a lot of traffic to that page to start seeing results.

In comparison, a typical quiz landing page converts between 25%-50%.

Why is the conversion rate so much higher? This is probably because quizzes are:

  • Fun and interactive
  • They get a reward at the end
  • People enjoy being scored and getting feedback

This might explain why quizzes convert way more visitors into leads. 🤔

2. Educate your audience

Content is king, especially if you want to help your audience achieve their goals. Providing free, helpful content is the best way to educate your audience and build more trust in the process.

A quiz can help you do that.  How?

With a quiz you can deliver real value to your prospects and helps you educate them with content that’s most relevant to them. For example with ScoreApp (not an affiliate link), you can create a dynamic results page that shows different advice for different people based on their score.

Here’s what you can include on the quiz results page:

You give them an overall score and tell them how they performed based on the answers they provided.

e.g. “You scored 58%, not bad, but there’s room for improvement”

You can tell them which areas they scored well in and which areas they need to improve

e.g. “You scored really well in the Customer Service section but not so well in the Branding section.

You can provide them with specific tips and advice on how to solve specific problems

e.g. To improve your branding, choose a colour pallet that reflects your agency and values”

You can give them a relevant “next step”.

E.g. “Here is a branding video that you’ll find helpful. We cover 5 ways to improve your brand”

As you can see, understanding your audience and their needs is the best way to deliver valuable information that’s relevant to them.

3. Pre-qualify your customers

When you have a quiz on your website, it’s likely people will take it BEFORE getting in touch to work with you, especially if you link to it from your homepage.

By the time you speak to your prospect, you might already have some quiz data on who they are and what they’re struggling with. This means you are a lot more prepared when speaking to this person.

It also helps you pre-qualify your leads to ensure they are the right fit for you. Throughout your quiz, you can ask certain questions that will give you some insights into their current situation and knowledge level. For instance, you could include one or more of these questions as part of the quiz:

“What’s the most important factor for getting a new website built? Pick one option…

  1. Making sales fast
  2. Growing an audience so you deliver value over the long term
  3. To help you attract better quality clients, you enjoy working with

“How important is “branding and design” when creating a new website?”

  1. Not that important
  2. Pretty important
  3. Very important

Each of these questions will give you an insight into what kind of client you are dealing with, do they want a quick fix or are they fully invested? Do they value what you do or not really?

A quiz will help you identify potential “bad-fits”, which in turn will help you speed up your sales process and allow you to focus on “good-fit” clients.

4. Acquire more customers

Traditional sales calls usually consist of a 30-60 minute Q&A session where you ask lots of questions to find out more about your prospects and their needs.

This means you might not get around to speaking about your packages, process and price until near the end of the call.

However, if you have a quiz that your client takes BEFORE they speak to you, you don’t have to ask as many questions. You can review their quiz results live and ask them to clarify certain points and delve deeper into their low scores. You can easily see what they are struggling with and tell them how your services will help them improve.

You’ve already created such a valuable resource with your quiz, which means your prospect is more focused on solving the problems and improving their situation.

A quiz allows you to:

  • Build trust and credibility with your prospects
  • Gather important information for the sales call
  • Provide value upfront before you speak to the prospect

Ultimately, knowing more about your clients will help you speed up your sales process and allow you to speak to more of your ideal clients.

Using a quiz within your agency

Now that you know why quizzes work so well try building one for your agency.

You’ll be able to improve your leads, sales and the quality of your clients all at the same time.

Here are a few examples of quizzes you could build for your agency…

  1. “Are you ready for a new website? Take the quiz to find out”

2. “How good is your website? Get your score instantly”

3. “Get your brand quality score in 90 seconds”

Thinking of giving it a go? I was blown away when Daniel Priestley came and spoke at our event in 2022. He is part of the team behind ScoreApp and during the event he shared in detail how we could grow our agencies through interactive quizzes.

They have recently launched an AI quiz builder that helps you to launch a quiz in less than 3 minutes. Their quiz software is an all-in-one platform that includes a landing page, question builder and a conversion-focused results page.

Let me know how it goes in the comments below! Post your quiz links too!



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