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34:7 Website discovery framework

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Avoiding misunderstandings and ensuring you get everything down during the discovery process can be a nightmare! To help facilitate productive discovery sessions, we developed a framework that we’ve used on countless projects to ensure we capture as much as possible without missing the important elements.

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Lee Matthew Jackson

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The framework structure:

  • Define terms
  • Establish users
  • List all possible journeys
  • Match journeys to users and systems
  • List out actions for each journey
  • Match users to actions
  • Group journeys into phases
  • Produce document
  • Agree schedule

The Database

Since the launch of this episode we’ve received countless questions and requests for help. We’ve therefore updated our framework, developed a course and launched the “Project Discovery Blueprint“.

Supporting episode

In episode 245 Andre Gagnon interviewed me on our process for making writing discovery documentation fun using our “story technique”.


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