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27:8 Unpacking Accessibility

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Every journey is different. This week we jump into the time machine with Colleen Gratzer as she tells us her story. Her agency has evolved since 2003 and over the last few years she’s been deep diving into accessibility.

She blows Lee’s mind with all the things he hadn’t even thought of in regards to accessibility as well as the user experience beyond the user interface. Thankfully she throws in hope by sharing the details of her upcoming accessibility course! Phew!

Colleen Gratzer - Gratzer Graphics LLC


Colleen Gratzer

Gratzer Graphics LLC

About Colleen

Colleen is an award-winning designer with 20+ years of branding, print design, and web design and development experience. She is also an accessibility consultant, having been trained by one of the top accessibility experts to the federal government, who sought her out to take their course because of her sharp creative and technical skills.

Colleen is also the host of the Design Domination podcast for aspiring graphic designers, which helps graphic designers sharpen their skills and become more business savvy, so they can get more respect and command higher rates


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Accessibility Course – click here


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