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15:1 Unpacking The Benefits Of Niching

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Taking that leap to niche your business down is a scary process. You may feel worried about missing out on opportunities, and you may start to see an initial wobble in your finances. Staying the course becomes a difficult challenge.

Gerry King  - Funeral Director Websites


Gerry King

Funeral Director Websites

We catch up with Gerry King who back in episode 81 shared his desire to niche down into funeral director websites. In this episode we learn how this shift has gone over the last six months.

Once you have a vision of whom you serve, it is amazing how super focused you become. Gerry shares is fears, struggles and his successes during the journey. And he demonstrates that he knows exactly what he needs to do to get in front of his target audience.

Brilliant episode for those who want to explore niching their business or want to dive deeper.


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