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4:1 How To Become A Media Magnet

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

We have an incredible episode today with Cheryl Tan.

Cheryl Tan - Cherl Tan Media


Cheryl Tan

Cherl Tan Media

Cheryl Tan is a journalist turned entrepreneur. She helps business owners get the media attention they want.

She specialises in getting business media coverage in all multiple channels including social media, radio, television and more.

She also host Hampton Roads Business Weekly, which airs Sunday mornings at 9 on WVEC. And she is the host the STANDOUT with Cheryl Tan podcast

In this episode, she shares amazing insights into how to maximise your businesses publicity.

5 mistakes people fall into when promoting themselves:

1. Sending mass press releases – take the time to figure out your outlets that care about your news and target them.

2. You try to sell something – don’t sell your product sell yourself

3. You are not thinking of your audience at all – find someone to share your tips and story ideas that are interested as an audience.

4. Don’t use your business to share trends,

5. Don’t just send one press release and stop, know when to continue to add value and reach out.

Action You Can Apply Today:

Grow your business one customer at a time.

Add value one satisfied customer at a time.


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