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4:8 Marketing Funnels & Hacks

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Meet Mike from “Sell Your Service” and Devon Digital Design and Content Marketer at WP Elevation. He also fits in breathing, and eating somewhere along the way.

Mike Killen  - Sell Your Service


Mike Killen

Sell Your Service

Learn what a Marketing Funnel is, and relax as we draw marketing hacks out of Mike’s mind. From social media tricks, to marketing funnels, this is a BEAUTIFUL episode for easy to action marketing tips!

WordPress Plugin:

Gravity Forms –
Mike loves this (like a lot.. kinda gets weird.. they should get a room)

Advanced Custom Fields –

Zapier –
This is not a WP Plugin but is part of the GENIUS solution Mike suggested for automating the re-share of blog content.

Sage Wisdom:

Become a “Bruce Lee” ninja of whatever tool(s) you use.
Become really good at that tool rather than trying to keep replacing it with other shiny new objects. #Procrastination

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