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23:4 How to start investing in yourself

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Business is easy as long as we get out of our own way. Jocelyn Mozak shares how to set the pattern of investing in yourself.

Jocelyn Mozak  - Mozak Design


Jocelyn Mozak

Mozak Design

She unpacks:

  • How to begin investing in ourselves
  • The benefits of personal development in business
  • How growing forces you to put systems and processes in place
  • Ways we can look at our business that we can relate to
  • She explains that there is no failure in business there is just learning and pivoting
  • Why mentorship is an important part of the entrepreneurial journey

Jocelyn has over a decade of experience building, running and wrangling a 6-Figure WordPress agency all while having two boys at home under the age of thirteen. While her degrees in Electrical Engineering from Cornell & Stanford University certainly contribute to her outstanding skills as a website developer; it is her passion for what she does her clients fall in love with.


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