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28:2 How to make agency life enjoyable

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Are you stuck in your business, struggling to focus on doing the things you love? Meet Shane Rielly, who has evolved his business over the years. He was stuck with low paying, high demand clients and has been on an awesome journey developing his agency.

Shane Rielly  - Lonely Viking


Shane Rielly

Lonely Viking

He started back in 2006 with some books on PHP, HTML and CSS, and now has a small but powerful team with a very clear focus on their ideal client. Their niche is a problem based niche for a particular type of business owner. Shane and his team now attract clients who enjoy working with them, and get great value from their services.

Yet another episode not to be missed!

Key Takeaways

  • Your niche need not be an industry but could be problem and person based
  • Niching to your ideal client does not mean you will miss out on business
  • Getting the right people involved in your business is essential
  • Don’t apologise for what you know, nor being good at it
  • Focus on what you are good at and partner with the right talent where you are weakest
  • Don’t be afraid of change or trying new things

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