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13:7 Growing Brand Awareness & Credibility

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Meet a client who has learned through trial and error how to grow their brand locally and through social media. We helped Jack establish an MVP for his fitness business of which he is focused on creating an exciting brand across the country.

Jack Fleckney - ShireFit


Jack Fleckney


Jack has invested in a great team, videos, photography, branding and has worked hard to grow brand awareness and loyalty. He is a client yet we learn so much from him and his hard work. An inspirational man that you’ll get to meet again soon on the podcast.


Find something that challenges you and keep moving forward with it.

Be patient and persistent for the things that you want.

Learn to take a step back and allow others to do things so you can see it grow.

Don’t be scared to invest.


Find something you enjoy doing, if it is something you enjoy doing it won’t feel like a chore. Find something the clicks with you and you enjoy, doing something is better than doing nothing.

Have goals/aims, if you don’t have these and are not in a community that share the same goals then you won’t succeed/stick to it.

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