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Music to work to. What do you listen to?

About to drop some TUNES! Well not literally due to copyright laws and all that BUT, I…

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How I discovered my niches (Story time)

Your niche is not always obvious and it can take time to develop the experience, understanding and…

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Lead with the problem NOT the solution

As negative as this may sound, you get my attention if you can verbalize the issues I…

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Is your content attracting the right audience?

Over the years I’ve built up hundreds of podcast episodes, videos and blogs. Over the years I’ve…

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Fake it till you make it (Don’t)

You’ve heard the phrase “fake it till you make it”? Many agencies take this and feel they…

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How to build your audience (and why you need to)

In order to build influence, generate leads and grow our agencies need to build an audience. An…

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How to handle debt in your agency

Back in the late 00s, my agency at the time was struggling through the global recession. Our…

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How to deal with overwhelm

We all have times when things get too much. They never said running an agency would be…

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