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7:5 WordPress Contracts – What Do I Include?

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Learn what we include in our contracts, and how you can quickly create your own contracts for your WordPress website builds. This is our journey, and is not to be considered legal advice, but to help encourage you, and empower you to easily put together your own legal framework that will protect you, your business and your clients.

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There is a lot of talking and a lot of notes below…. so if you time bound here are the resources I mention:

Simply Docs (UK) –

Rocket Lawyer (USA) –

Legal 123 (Oz) –

UK Insurance –

WP Elevation –

Signable (Online Signing) –

#51 Our Web Build Process –

#5 Troy Dean WP Elevation –

Why have contract?

  • protects you and the client from misunderstandings
  • helps define the scope and the arrangements
  • provides a framework if things go wrong
  • covers charges for change control
  • provides a framework for pursuing mediation or court
  • help manage expectations
  • provides assurance and credibility

What do we include?


  • scope of project
  • how we are achieving it
  • user stories
  • pricing

Proposal Contract

  • design, copyright etc
  • text, who supplies
  • graphics supply, rights etc
  • the deliverables html/CSS/Javascript/PHP.
  • browser compatibility
  • technical support/warranties
  • changes/revisions
  • legal terms for liability
  • intellectual property
  • right to display
  • payment schedule

Business Terms and Conditions
These are the terms on how you do business that can cover every day business transactions, relationships etc.

For example

  • process for late payment.
  • client obligations, data protections.
  • insurance, indemnity etc.
  • confidentiality
  • force majeure
  • the right to subcontract
  • non solicitation
  • dispute resolution
  • law and jurisdiction

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