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18:3 Social media and content mastermind

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Today we share with you a recording of our June mastermind within the Agency Trailblazer Community. In this mastermind we focused on targeting the right sort of clients by looking at existing ones, and where they can be found online. We also discussed content marketing and creation strategies.

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Lee Matthew Jackson

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The format is a relaxed 1 – 2 hour conversation where we get different folks on asking questions and we have open discussion. This recording is taken from where Mark asks a range of questions on social media, content and finding where his target clients are.

If you’d like to be on the next mastermind, join the community here.

We also discussed ARENA for the creation of compelling landing pages:


Show the reader you understand their problem

Example: Are you an agency owner making big profits for everyone else but not yourself?


Offer hope and reassurance that there is a way. You can provide a case study to help illustrate.

Example: Chris was so busy creating websites he didn’t even have time to market his own. Using our 4 pillars Chris was able to generate new leads with clients that paid well and freed up his time to work on the business.

Easy win(s)

Provide some value, some easy wins that will help people towards solving their issue. Small actionable items that they can do that will not necessarily solve their full problem, but will allow them to do something positive. This gets them used to the idea of implementation, and taking back control. That feeling of accomplishing something is very positive and powerful.


Wrap everything up in a nutshell with a reminder of the benefits.

Example: As you can see by taking simple steps today you can take your agency to next level


Provide them the ability to act. A “call to action”. This could be a form, a purchase etc.

Example: Apply today

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