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25:1 How to use local networking to generate leads

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Local networking is so often overlooked by design and web agencies. It is assumed that our target audience does not exist locally so it is a complete waste of time rocking up to a local breakfast meeting. Paul Landa and Lee smash that assumption sharing their stories of how they have used networking to grow their agencies.

Paul Landa - My Web Pal


Paul Landa

My Web Pal

On the back of the large network that Paul has established, he shares the early days and weeks of his new venture, My Web Pal, a pay monthly web build service. He shares why he has adopted this model, the success it has had so far and his future plans to grow through affiliates/franchising the platform.

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Key Takeaways

  • Do not expect to sell to the room in any local networking meeting.
  • Get to know everyone at the meeting and what they do.
  • Attend the same meeting regularly to build up relationships.
  • Look at how you can serve others as opposed to what you can get.
  • It’s who the people know at a networking meeting that is important.
  • Educate your connections in the networking meetup on whom you are looking for.
  • Describe the problems you solve and who you solve them for.
  • Join a group that has some sort of framework or accountability.

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