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23:7 How to build funnels in WooCommerce

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

We catch up with Adam Preiser of YouTube fame who shares with us his journey as he launches his new Cartflows product that allows you to utilise the power of WooCommerce and with the features of the leading funnel builders. We kick off with a catch up, then Adam shares the how it all began, how he solved the problem and how he’s learned over time an ability to explain the complex in a simple way.

Adam has inspired many in our community to diversify their skills, to use new tools to grow their businesses and to venture out into the world of content creation. It’s always a pleasure to catch up with him, and find out what he’s up to.

Adam Preiser - WP Crafter


Adam Preiser

WP Crafter

Notes from his journey

Something you have created can make a huge difference in someones life, from YouTube videos, podcasts and plugins.

When Adam planned Cartflows, he ensured

  1. he had someone to go into this venture with
  2. that he had found a problem that people genuinely needed to fix
  3. and that the output of his work would be easy to use

The key focus when selling a product/service is understanding how to explain something complicated so that everyone will get it; they will be able to know how to use it, why it is important to use it and how it can benefit their business based on your explanation.

You need to be able to explain in natural language – can you explain it to anyone and they’d understand what is it and does?

When you are trying to explain something make sure it is described in the most relateable terms possible.

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