Do you REALLY need more leads or is conversion the issue?

Do you REALLY need more leads or is conversion the issue?

“How do I generate more leads”? This is a common question in our community. In most circumstances I’d suggest you don’t need more leads, you need better leads and a better nurture and conversion process.

If you are in a constant lead generation cycle I’d suggest you take some time to review:

  • The type of leads you are attracting
  • How many are engaging with you
  • How many do you convert
  • What is the quality of that conversion
  • And what was the cost of that conversion

Using this information you want to establish a system for:

  • Attracting relevant leads
  • Have them self filter
  • Convert easier

This all start with identity. The identity of your target client. Your mission is to create content that speaks to your ideal customer avatar who has that particular need. Join me as we discuss this in today’s live stream.

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