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Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Phil noticed that huge global agencies are hurting. They are losing large projects to much smaller agencies and consultancies. Noting this was due to flexibility, speed and price, Phil wanted to be on the right side of history launched his creative agency.

Philip VanDusen  - Verhaal Brand Design


Philip VanDusen

Verhaal Brand Design

Content creation, predominanltly through video has allowed him to create a huge audience on YouTube of over 100k subscribers and he now generates 65% of all new business leads through his channel.


Philip is a highly accomplished creative leader and expert in brand strategy and graphic design for some of the world’s most successful global agencies, retailers and consumer products companies, including P&G, Gap, Inc., Petsmart, PepsiCo, GE, Chevron, Safeway, Delmonte, Diamond Foods, and Johnson & Johnson among many others.

Philip has helped Fortune 100 companies and entrepreneurs alike create and revitalize brands, identities, websites and launch new products for 20+ years. He has served as VP of Design of Global Snacks at Pepsico, VP of Design at Old Navy and Executive Creative Director for the global branding agencies Landor Associates and Anthem Worldwide. Philip is currently the founder and principal of Verhaal Brand Design which specializes in strategic brand development, graphic design and marketing.

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