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Why we use Signable for digital contracts

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

As a digital agency, clients often expect an immediacy with regards to email responses or sending updated files, etc. One of the things that can really hold up a business transaction or the development of a project can be getting important paperwork to and from the client, signed by both parties. For example, we’ve got a non-disclosure agreement that has to be signed here at the office and then two copies posted to the client, both of which then need to be signed by them, and then a copy posted back to us so that everyone’s got a copy. PHEW! Complicated! Now this can take up to ten, maybe 20 days, if you look at the UK postal service.

Now the reason why we use Signable is because we’ve worked out we can reduce those ten to 20 days to ten to 20 minutes. All we need to do is upload the Word document that we would have printed. We create the area for the client to sign on the document. Then we press send. Now that goes out to the client, and we have had contracts back within five minutes or less. All people need to do is use their mouse to write their signature in the agreed area. That comes back to us, we sign the appropriate section too, and the document is complete. Both parties get a perfectly legal copy which we can store digitally and print for our physical archives if necessary.

In short we are converting our 20 day turnaround snail-mail paper contracts, into fast efficient digital contracts turned around in minutes!

This has saved us loads of time, particularly in the areas of non-disclosures where prospective clients want to see work that we have partaken in, but we have to ensure that a strict non-disclosure agreement is adhered to when they are reviewing our past work. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Signable to others in the future. To check out more, click here.

Contracts signed now. Not next week.



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