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17:5 How to improve your SEO

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Confession – I had not been taking SEO seriously enough… that is until something happened that blew me away. (Listen to today’s episode to find out what). Kyle VanDusen as a result connected me with today’s guest, Chris Castillo for him to share his story and lessons he has learned along the way.

Chris Castillo - Propel Digital Media Solutions


Chris Castillo

Propel Digital Media Solutions

He launched his agency focused on developing websites, but after continuing to invest in himself he made a significant change.

He has now built his business as a digital marketer focusing on strategy that connects all of the relevant pieces of the puzzle. They have a heavy focus on ROI, conversion and SEO.

If you like us need to start taking SEO more seriously, then be sure to check out Chris’s course below.

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