Featuring Lee Matthew Jackson

20 Dec 2021

We wrap up Season 42 with messages from our agencies and some festive music. Our guests share their thoughts and…

Featuring Lee Matthew Jackson

17 Dec 2021

As many agency owners will relate to, the holiday season can be the most stressful time of the year. You…

Featuring Lee Matthew Jackson

16 Dec 2021

Worry about being interrupted during the holidays? Will your clients be at the back of your mind when you are…

Featuring Lee Matthew Jackson

15 Dec 2021

How do you avoid a ruined holiday when something goes wrong? In this episode, we comfort our agencies as they…

Featuring Lee Matthew Jackson

14 Dec 2021

How should you show your appreciation to your clients this season? Our agencies share their ideas, experiences and one crazy…

Featuring Lee Matthew Jackson

10 Dec 2021

Wondering what sort of gift to give your team this holiday season? I spoke with our agency owners to discover…

Featuring Lee Matthew Jackson

10 Dec 2021

Celebrating the holidays and ensuring we honour our teams and supporting our clients can be a challenge. This season, we…

Featuring Jan Koch

16 Aug 2021

Hosting a virtual summit for your client is an excellent way to help your client generate leads and build authority….

Featuring Lee Matthew Jackson

04 Aug 2021

Angled Crown launched in early 2013 and was my passion for many years. Yet at the end of 2020, I…

Featuring Marie-Louise O’Neill

28 Jul 2021

Meet Marie-Louise from the local networking scene here in Northamptonshire. Over years of networking, Marie-Louise noticed that those who were…


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