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5:6 How To Manage Your Time

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

“Lee, I am curious how you manage your time as a business owner. How do you keep up with everything (managing people, projects, doing your podcast, social, refining processes, etc.)?” April Edwards from the WP Innovator Facebook Group:

Dan Connors - Influencer


Dan Connors


Sooo……. Let me be honest…. It is a journey and get lost many times along the way.

Here is what I practice:

My To Do Book

_ list things to be achieved
_ review first thing
_ what needs to be moved along a day
_ be realistic

Work Hours

_ early routine like meditation, prayer etc
_ spend first few hours before 9am achieving items that need focus
_ calls for first couple of hours
_ regular calendar appointments for things like podcasts etc
_ lunch is not optional
_ 5pm finish is not optional

* _ sometimes some evening work is needed. I’m an entrepreneur who is growing a business and part of the journey means I have to put in the extra hours. This is not defeat, its a necessary part of the journey.


_ we use a combination of tools
_ freedcamp
_ iTask3 (Similar to microsoft project)
_ weekly meeting on Mondays chaired by Larissa
_ advice from Dan Connors regularly to help train our team and evolve our processes

Content Generation

_ I create monthly goals
_ each week I ensure I do some small actions to work toward whatever goal I have

Social Media

_ meet edgar
_ advice from Sarah


_ daily conversations
_ project tasks clearly owned
_ project manager per project

Dan Connors – Project Management –
Sarah Moore – Social Media Legend –
Meet Edgar – Social Media Automation –


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