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14:2 The Power Of Storytelling

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Public speaking is an amazing way to build up your personal brand, as well as get exposure to your agency. Welcome back our main man Frank Candy, who shares his years of experience in travelling the world and speaking.

He shares the power of storytelling, and tells us a few hilarious stories along the way. Get your Rolodex’s out…. this is a good one.!


How many face-to-face meetings can you schedule and attend with potential clients in a week or a month?

In that time you might spent hours and even days, traveling to clients offices and meeting rooms to get a few minutes of their time, to discuss their challenges or issues and pitch your amazing talents, your products, and services.

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Special bonus: “The pen is mightier than the keyboard” (Listen to the end of the episode to find out how to get your free report!)


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