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13:4 The One Hundredth Episode

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

We made it to Episode One Hundred! Today I share the story of the podcasts birth and its growth as well as the lessons learned along the way. We wrap up the show with some honest talk and some plans for the future.

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Lee Matthew Jackson

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Covered in todays show:

Lessons learned

  • It’s possible to be consistent
  • Big names are not everything
  • I can become an authority
  • Generates leads
  • Grows my network
  • Growth in confidence
  • Become super creative
  • How to effectively batch
  • Good processes
  • How to diversify and repurpose

Things I am still working out

  • Better sound
  • Better process outsourcing
  • Monetising
  • Getting others involved
  • Sorting out my multiple brands

What to expect in the future

  • More shows
  • Panel discussion
  • Live streams
  • More community involvement
  • New faces
  • A course on how to podcast


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Lee Matthew Jackson

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