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33:7 The COVID economy

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

We are surrounded by negative messaging on the news and in social media. Global economies are being massively impacted by the pandemic, and as business owners, we may be feeling worried and concerned. I invited Nev Harris onto the show to share with us lessons we can learn from past economic crises.

Nev Harris  - Nev Harris


Nev Harris

Nev Harris

He shares:

  • Lessons from the past
  • The financial bright side
  • Why the stock market is misleading
  • How our emotions can cloud our judgement
  • What can we be doing right now

Nev and I have collaborated on a completely free course called “The COVID economy”. It contains eight easy to consume videos with supporting notes to help you understand what is happening and what actions you can take.

You can find more information here.

I assure you, there are zero upsells. Nev has been super generous with his time in order to help support our community.

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