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Stay motivated all day – Interstitial Journaling

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson
Struggle to stay motivated all day? Wouldn’t you love it if, each day you could feel accomplished, be laser-focused and know exactly what you are working on!?Lee Matthew Jackson – YouTube Video

Is it possible to stay motivated all day?

In the early years of agency life, I was the worst for being disorganised, easily distracted, felt ridiculously unproductive and was missing targets. As each day passed, my ability to keep motivated completely diminished.

Today, thankfully, I am laser-focused and manage my time much more effectively. I have discovered the ability to stay motivated all day!

What changed? For me, the answer was interstitial journaling, it helped me to find the motivation to succeed every day.

In this post, I share the benefits of interstitial journaling and how it completely changed my agency life!

Start Micro-Journaling

Interstitial journaling is something a little different. It takes the benefits of day-to-day journaling and puts it down to the “micro level”. As I go through a workday, I log everything that I’m doing in a short sentence.

I include any or all of the following that is relevant to the time:

  • How I feel
  • What I am doing
  • What I’ve achieved
  • Any self feedback on that moment
  • What I am up to next

This micro journaling is a perfect feedback loop. It reminds me that I am achieving things, protecting my time and making far better decisions with what I’m doing.

It only takes a minute!

The great thing about interstitial journaling is it’s so easy to start. All you need to do is spend a minute writing a sentence about what I’ve been up to! Nothing like sitting down at the end of a long stressful day and trying to remember everything and do a deep dive journal post.

I had tried journalling at the end of each day and quickly found it overwhelming. Doing a minute here or there through my day allowed me to write whilst things were fresh in my mind. A small achievable action I could easily make a part of my regular work life.

Introduction to interstitial journaling

In this YouTube video, I show you how I engage with interstitial journaling on a daily basis. I cover the software I use, formatting, what I write, how I fit it into my day and give some real examples. Jump to 2:16 for the actual demo.


Here are a range of resources to help you explore interstitial journalling. My preferred app is Hypernotes from Zenkit (Not affiliated).






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