Should I host client websites

BONUS | Featuring Austin Brealey

October 17, 2022

Should I host client websites?
💡 Austin from 20i helps us work out when it's good to host a client website.

As an agency owner, it can be tough to decide whether or not to host your client’s websites. On the one hand, there are some clear benefits to doing so – you have access to more data and can provide a better overall experience for your clients. However, there are also costs associated with hosting such as maintenance, support, and downtime risks.

In this episode, we interview Austin from 20i about the pros and cons of hosting client websites. He helps us to understand the risks involved and provides insights into how 20i can help you make the right decision on a per-project basis.

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We ask

  • Should I be offering hosting to my clients?
  • What sort of hosting should we choose?
  • What should we look for in a host provider as an agency when choosing who to go with?
  • What services would complement our general day-to-day hosting
  • How does 20 I manage reseller support?
  • What makes 20i different?

Connect with 20i

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