Record your screen

Season 43 - Episode 2 | Featuring Lee Matthew Jackson

April 26, 2022

Record your screen
💡 The action in this episode is to record your screen in order to develop your SOPs.

Develop your SOPs as you record your screen

Writing a process document takes time, leaves room for error, and is boring. Many of us prefer video explainers that we can follow along with and pause as needed. By removing blockers and efficiently documenting our systems and processes, we can educate our teams and free up our time for other important agency tasks. This episode explains how.

Prepare and record

Preparation is key, otherwise, you’ll fumble through the video (unless you can do it in your sleep). You also want to make sure you don’t miss anything. Follow these steps:

  • Set a title
  • Write a brief of what you will show
  • Break that out into a bulleted list for you to follow
  • Record your screen following the bulleted list.
  • Provide the recording and bullets to a team member to document if you want complimentary documentation

The results

Writing down things was a blocker for me. Recording as I actually did the work was the obvious two in one solution. This changed how we work internally and externally. The leadership team and I were able to screen record all essential activities and empower assigned team members to complete their tasks.


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