Outsource one small task

Season 43 - Episode 5 | Featuring Lee Matthew Jackson

April 28, 2022

Outsource one small task

Discovering the benefits of outsourcing

💡  The action in this episode is to select a small task and outsource it.

We often believe doing things ourselves is the most cost-effective way. This may have been true in the early days of setting up our agency, but as our businesses grow, the demand for our time increases.

Are we becoming bottlenecks by hanging onto menial tasks that could be outsourced? By insisting on doing things ourselves, are we costing the business money as we are unable to do more valuable tasks?


As the leaders of our businesses, our time is extremely valuable. Getting an expert to do a task they excel at frees you up to work on things that will bring more value into the business. You could “Save $30” an hour doing something yourself, but if that hour could have been spent winning a new contract… well you can do the math!


It’s worth testing if you can free up some of your time by outsourcing some of those tasks that distract you, or that others are reliant on being done ASAP. Here’s how we do it:

  • List out all the regular tasks you perform
  • Highlight those tasks that you find difficult or rob you of joy
  • Select one or two of the easiest to explain tasks
  • Record a video of what needs doing for that task or how
  • Provide that to a contractor/freelancer to carry it out
  • Rinse and repeat and develop a relationship
💡  The number one rule for any venture into outsourcing is to start simple, then you can build a working relationship over time with key contractors.


As the business owner I am no longer a bottleneck as items that would get stuck with me are now worked on externally. We’ve developed fantastic relationships and seeing the complexity of projects our contractors work on now-a-days is astounding. We’ve gone from basic administration duties to full content creation and editing.

Our output as an agency has massively increased and we’ve been able to develop time for marketing.


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