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14:1 Monetising Maintenance

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Often agencies find themselves doing updates, and general maintenance on websites for free or for a very low cost. This can be very unfulfilling, and can in some cases lead to a breakdown of the client relationship when things go wrong.

Jeffery Patch  - SEOHive


Jeffery Patch


Jeffery realised he was not charging for the amazing value he provided, so he pivoted and MaintainPress was born.

A great and insightful episode where Jeffery even turns the tables and starts interviewing Lee!

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You can’t work for free forever.

The more automation/systems you can put in place, the more your business can grow.

If your business is not profitable for you, you need to make a change.

Take a step back and look at your pain points and how you can solve them.


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