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3:5 How To Generate Leads with Linkedin

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

We have an awesome episode today with Dennis Brown an author, serial entrepreneur, full time Linkedin Specialists! Meet Dennis Brown from Linked Academy.

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Dennis Brown

Ask Dennis Brown

He shares fascinating insights into how he developed his Linkedin lead generating system, and how to optimise your profile.

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Show Notes:

Core takeaways:

Pitch yourself, differentiate yourself. Don’t be the typical salesman and force your ideas on a potential client.  Don’t treat your Linkedin profile as a resume, instead position yourself as a resource, an expert, an authority.

Lead with value and solutions, and it will position you as the go to guy/gal people will turn to.

Post updates that are specific to your target audience, share relevant content consistently and you will create a familiarity to your network.

Action You Can Apply Today:

Get out of your comfort zone. Market yourself on various platforms.  Convert your digital connections offline so you can build a rapport immediately. Sales is relational, provide solutions for people.


The 7 habits of several successful Linkedin users:

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