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40:2 Life is precious

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

In a break from the scheduled podcast and for personal reasons I’d like to share a few thoughts.

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Life is so precious. We spend much of it working hard and long hours. This impacts our mental health and our relationships deeply.

Add lockdown to the mix and those who were already struggling with various mental illnesses are struggling so much more than many of us can possibly understand.

I am grateful for the wonderful communities around us that help us all stay in touch. Shout out Facebook communities such as:

Who allow us to feel connected and give us access to others to share what’s going on in our lives.

We will all know someone who’s struggling at this time. I for myself have gotten so wrapped up with things, I often forget to check in on those I care about! Lockdown has been a miserable time for so many, so much more than most of us can comprehend.

If you do not struggle with mental health, it’s hard to put yourself into the mindset of those of whom are in a dangerous place right now. Our lives are so busy, we have huge responsibilities, others that rely on us and so much more. We can be blind to what might be happening around us.

We as a family have been reminded of the affects of mental health in such a tragic way. Life is so precious. Once it is extinguished, you can’t get it back. You can’t fix things. You can’t do what you wish you could have done. You are left with deep loss and regret.

I’d like this episode to do one of two things:

First if you are lonely and struggling with your mental health in any way, please connect with Big Orange Heart or a local mental health charity. Please also talk to your family or friends, even if you feel they will not understand. Please don’t struggle alone. People may not understand initially but talking will surely help over time. You are so valuable, wonderful and important. You are a wonderful talented individual who brings so much worth to your family, friends, business and the world.

Second, if you are not struggling but are aware someone might be, can I encourage you to connect with them no matter what else might be going on around you. Again the charity Big Orange Heart is a great place to give your time in supporting others and learning how to be more aware of what people might be going through.

Things are still so fresh, we don’t understand so much, we are heartbroken and there will be a long road ahead of healing for the family.

I hope these thoughts encourage the community to reach out to each other more, even popping up at peoples homes or arranging a meeting somewhere.

Bills and other responsibilities can be dealt with later. Life is so precious.

Love you folks. Lets stay connected x


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