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Go with your gut

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

A massive blocker to progress in business is over complicating decisions. I know this first hand in my own business and a great example would be choosing the opening music for the WP Innovator Podcast episodes. I spent hours listening to multiple audio recordings and loops, fussing over what sounded good and what “captured our personality”.

Guess what audio I went for in the end? Yep! The very first one I initially liked… Head in hands.

What I was doing was creating blockers to progress, I was seeking perfection on something that was simply an excuse to delay launching something I needed to get out there and test. Needless to say the Podcast is going from strength to strength and I am so glad I went with my gut on the music. And guess what? You can change it later! I did. We now have an even catchier opener which I love but the important lesson is…. it didn’t matter. It did not matter what music opened the podcast. It did not matter what the cover art looked like initially.

What did matter was launching and sharing the epic value we had to share, and bringing the knowledge of experts around the world to the ears of our target audience. I recently had a wobble and tried re-designing the Podcast cover art. I shared it in the Facebook Group for the podcast, and low and behold the feedback was….

Yep, you guessed it:

  1. No one was really fussed what it looked like
  2. They all loved the original one with my silly old face all over it 😊

We are launching an exciting initiative this October (2016 for you time travellers from the future). So you know what we did? In less than one hour, we:

  1. Brainstormed a catchy title
  2. Chose the music
  3. Chose the cover art
  4. Recorded the voice overs
  5. Set the 31 topics we were going to cover

Whenever we started to wobble, and start searching for other music or imagery, we checked ourselves knowing that the items that had initially attracted us, and our guts liked, where what we should go for.

Perfectionism IS important, I cannot deny that BUT. Yes BUT.

Sometimes you just need to go with your gut and get something out there. You can always go back and replace a graphic or tweak some wording after the fact.

So… go with your gut. Get the email/newsletter/landing page/product/service put together quickly and launch.

Your launch is the validation of the value you can offer.

You can indulge in perfectionism once you have validated.

Go with your gut 😊



Lee Matthew Jackson

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