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How do you move from intention to action?

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

So often we can get frustrated by the lack of progress in our business, or in our lives. We have wonderful ideas and yet never seem to be able to achieve them, or move closer to realising those dreams. How do you move from intention to action?

I’m so lucky to be a part of a church that believes in teaching awesome truth that help impact lives in the real world. Don’t worry, there will be ZERO preaching or Bible bashing in this post! This post is inspired by the epic the epic content I heard and is a reflection of my notes to myself. I trust you get great value from them too.
Lee Jackson – Lead Geek

Position yourself

Position yourself daily for the challenge before you. If you wake up in the morning with no plan and no focus then it is very likely you will fail to plan the right activities in the day that will help forward your goal. You will spend the day reacting to what happens, rather than taking control and actioning what needs to be done.

Spending some time in the morning giving yourself a pep talk and reminding yourself of who you are, and what are your goals is an excellent way to focus the mind, to build you up and inspire you for another day. Every new day is a step towards that goal, that target, that dream.

Remember what are you running for. What’s the goal. Run with perseverance.

Be inspired

Be inspired by those who have gone before you and those who are already ahead. Encourage and inspire yourself with their stories and journeys. Try to emulate what worked well for them, and try to learn from their mistakes so that you don’t have to go through it in real life.

There are going to be those tough days, and using the stories of those who have blazed the trail through allsorts of adversity can be the encouragement you need and the fire in your belly.

When the going gets tough, the tough keep going.

Cut the excess

Time to get rid of the excess, the stuff that is holding us back. Remove everything that slows us down.

I can name several things that I know are a very real distraction in my life that hold me back from achieving even more. My Netflix binges to highlight one! Although there is totally nothing wrong with relaxation, and with taking up hobbies and living your life, if there are things that distract you when you want to be super focused on something then perhaps its time to get tough.

Recently I had to go through a list of the organisations I was a member of, and the sorts of meetings I was attending to work out, which were helping me towards my goal, and which ones were more a hinderance. Some very tough decisions had to be made BUT, the extra time released, and the lack of worry, pressure or stress that those meetings consumed could be re-channeled into renewed energy, focus and vigour.

Search out what is a hindrance and a distraction and work to remove them.  You don’t see an olympic swimmer with lead weights on their legs.


So I get it, it is all obvious stuff right? It’s all very high level, what about the real world? Well I am giving myself a talking to here… It is obvious stuff, and I do hear people saying this all the time. But when I look at those who have gone before me, they have been actioning these very three points in their lives. Perhaps it really does work?

Here’s to the future.



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