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Improve your web agency workflow with Canva?

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Hear me out, it’s not the size of the tool, it’s how you use it! Adobe Photoshop may be considered the “go to” application for web designers, but web designers may be missing a trick. Canva is easy to use, stacked with design assets and allows you to collaborate as a team or with your client.

In this video I’d like to push against the natural snobbery of us web designers by showing how powerful Canva really is.

We will cover:

  • Hero images
  • Featured images
  • Product imagery
  • Social media posts
  • Creating client templates

This assumes that you are already a qualified designer, looking for tools to improve your workflow and to find inspiration.

Disclaimer: If you are looking to Canva to “fake” being a designer I would encourage you to invest in courses such as “Design for Geeks” (link below) to help you understand the basics of design before engaging in any design tools.

Check out Design for Geeks by Piccia Neri on:



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