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Generating ideas for your WordPress blog

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

When it comes to generating ideas for your WordPress blog, you might instantly feel overwhelmed or generally freaked out by the prospect. Hey, we were! Over the course of the last couple of weeks we’ve been experimenting with blogging every single business day with useful WordPress information and other online nuggets of wisdom. What we’ve already discovered are a few great ways of coming up with new blog ideas. So without further ado let’s share a few of them.

The first, and perhaps most obvious source, is what your clients are asking you on a day to day basis. This for us is a complete gold mine because we only need to look through our inboxes at the hundreds of questions that clients are regularly asking us about their WordPress installs, about online strategy, about marketing, about lead generation and so on. For us we could end the blog here, but there are also other routes that we use to generate ideas on content, as well as to measure what subjects are the most important to our target audience.

For this we look to social media. We check out which of our tweets of useful information, be it to our own blog or be it someone else’s, have been the most popular. What tweets have seen the most engagement and social activity? What content are others in our network generating with a similar target audience. We’ll take ideas from what we find in our social channels and put them down into our idea cloud ready to be scheduled in as a potential subject that we will look into and blog on.

Other areas that you may not have considered is your every day business meeting. We’re so lucky that we get to meet our clients at least once or twice a week, if not more. We have great meetings where we provide training and we brain storm new ideas for their WordPress web site be it functionally, or just be it adding new content. During those meetings we get asked some questions that just blow our minds. Things we’ve never even thought of, or that seemed obvious to us and therefore not work talking about. Once we get these eureka moments, the first thing we do is write those questions down because you can be sure we’re going to cover those in our upcoming blogs!

So to sum up:

  • What questions are people asking you in your inbox or on the phone?
  • What are people talking about on social media?
  • What content you share via your social channels and on your blog gets the most engagement?
  • What epic questions cropped up in your latest meeting?

We are super excited that we’ve already got a year’s worth of current and pressing questions that people have about WordPress. Now could you use these strategies for your industry, or for your niche?

Use the comments below to share other ideas that you might have on generating great ideas for blog subjects.



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