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17:8 I messed up our social media!

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

As an agency we have not been generating the traffic, the engagement and the leads like we used to on social media. In this episode I share with you our recent discoveries, the mistakes we’ve been making and what we’ve done about it.

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Lee Matthew Jackson

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Over the last two years I’ve kept on doing the same thing and found we’ve begun to stagnate.

Twitter has languished in the 2k follower mark. Traffic to our websites from social media has been dropping.

For example month shows 98% traffic being search engine or direct traffic and 2% being from social postings.

(Saving grace is that Google has been driving more traffic to our sites that we could ever have imagined but that is a whole different podcast).

Don’t panic, it’s not all doom and gloom. Social networking on Facebook is consistenty generating us leads, but our reach to new people, and the building of the brand via other social platforms had come to a near full stop.

In todays show, I share with you lessons we have learned and illustrated what we were doing wrong where approriate.

The key points:

  • Be where the audience is
  • Don’t hide behind the camera
  • Engage with people
  • Hashtags still have power
  • Post mixed media
  • Native is best
  • Automation still needs human aspect
  • Time can be strategic…. but algorithms…
  • Keep educating yourself
  • Review the data

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