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18:6 How to use web audits to generate leads

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

There are so many websites out there that are not generating ROI for their owners. Many people don’t even realise they have problems with their website. A web audit is a great way to provide value, help people, build up trust and to provide solutions to these issues.

Clifford Almeida - My Web Audit


Clifford Almeida

My Web Audit

Clifford shares how we can generate leads using web audits. He unpacks practical ways you can test his system during the 14 day trial of My Web Audit.

Firstly it is important to understand the GIVE method that drives all that Clifford does both in his own agency (Hire A Wiz) and his software business.

Introducing the GIVE method

GIVE stands for Generosity, Information, Value, Education. You can find more information in this free guide “How To Make More Sales Easily“.

G is for Generosity

Start an interaction by providing something of value.

I is for Information

Your prospect likely has an expensive problem. Provide them information on how to solve the problem. Your solution can save them money or make them money.

V is for Value

When you focus on delivering value, the sale will look after itself.

E is for Education

Establish yourself as the expert by educating them on how the issue they are facing is an opportunity.

Practical ways you can generate leads in the next 24 hours

In the podcast Clifford shares practical ways you can generate leads using web audits. He covers:

  • Leverage existing and past relationships first
  • Connect with your communities
  • Reaching out to personal network (champion client and referrals)
  • Social and search ad networks

You can grab a free trial of My Web Audit by clicking here.


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