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25:5 How to use split testing in your agency

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

No matter how clever we are, we can’t only nail it first time. I’ve always learned by testing and improving as well as avoiding past mistakes. I’m aware that I’ve not applied this to our own corporate websites so I asked Adam Lacey onto the show to help me understand the benefits of split testing and how I can go about doing it.

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Adam Lacey - Split Hero


Adam Lacey

Split Hero

Key Takeaways

  • Everything we try to implement is really our best guess based on experience.
  • Split testing is never truly over there are always improvements that you can make.
  • It can be a form of recurring revenue for your agency as there is always room for improvement for client websites.
  • Peoples appetite change, what they could be looking for this week will be different to what they want in 3 months time? Split testing helps us keep current.
  • It’s not about a length of time it’s about the number of visitors, that’s when you know which one works best.


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