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22:7 How to travel and run an agency

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Melissa shares her story of how she managed to pack up her home with her husband and start travelling. Travelling is their passion and they love to work in different creative spaces. Today Melissa shares insights into how they have travelled in their business and how this has helped with generating new opportunities. With the pressures of running an agency around the world, she also unpacks how she manages mindfulness and keeps motivated.

Melissa Rautenberg  - The Creative Hustler Podcast


Melissa Rautenberg

The Creative Hustler Podcast



  • Go to where the opportunities are, don’t just stay in the one spot in the hope the opportunities will come to you.
  • Generating opportunities doesn’t just mean getting new leads, it involves look after previous clients as well.
  • Look outside of your normal office and see where there are other places you can go to network with people.
  • Find one location to begin with, get some sort of normalcy and routine rather than packing up in 2 days and travelling to the next place.


  • Meditation doesn’t necessarily need to be you shutting your mind off and sitting in silence it could just be you going for a walk and freeing your mind.
  • Go for a walk take yourself out of the box you have created and take a moment for yourself.
  • Procrastination creates anxiety.
  • Motivation needs to be fed daily it isn’t something that is going to be there just because you want it to.


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