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19:4 How to start an accountability partnership

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Agency Life is lonely. Whether you are heading a company of 50 employees, or are on your own. The direction of the business starts and ends with decisions you make. This is where accountability becomes fundamental in agency life.

Kyle Van Deusen  - OGAL Web Design


Kyle Van Deusen

OGAL Web Design

How do you find the right person to keep you accountable?

Meet the guys who have got it down, Kyle and Matt speak daily keeping one another on track and keeping the relationship growing.

Their key takeaways:

  • On your own, you won’t necessarily have all the answers. The best option is to run it by someone you trust as they will have a different frame of reference on the matter.
  • Find someone similar to you – this will allow you to connect on a personal and professional level which will result in a better relationship.
  • As you bounce ideas and projects off your friend, they will help you to see your value and worth.
  • Connecting with someone you trust and respect you, helps you welcome their advise and criticisms more openly.

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