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23:5 How to plan and launch a podcast

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Thinking of starting a podcast in your niche? Not sure where to begin?

Pete Everitt shares his journey of how he started his podcast; how he got into podcasting, what his fears were and more.

Pete Everitt  - SEOHive


Pete Everitt


Key takeaways:

  • Recognise if you have a talent for talking and go for it, help others with the content you share.
  • Connected with members of your community for guests to get your podcast started.
  • Don’t be afraid to actively seek out guests
  • The Facebook group has brought the podcast to life – it helps with the two way interaction – having a Facebook group has helped give a feedback loop where we can get the validation that we need.
  • If there are people you want to work with in the future a really “soft in” to build up a relationship is to have them be a guest on your show.
  • You don’t have to over prepare, and don’t be afraid to go down the rabbit hole. If you prepare questions you are more likely to not ask them all but this can lead to them being a recurring guest for you to complete your questions.
  • Podcasting aids your personal learning and development.
  • We all have permission to go and make a podcast the only thing stopping us is ourselves.

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