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25:7 How to onboard better quality clients

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Many agencies tend to be working from project to project, often without being able to develop a more long term relationship with their client. Thus an ongoing rinse and repeat of new leads and projects is required to keep the business sustainable.

Andrew Pitchford - Excite Media


Andrew Pitchford

Excite Media

Excite Media had developed as a typical web agency but wanted to move more to recurring digital marketing, because of this exact scenario. With the introduction of the EOS Traction business system they decided to incorporate it into their processes and it’s working been for them!

Basic principle, they mix in Blair Enns’ Win Without Pitching sales process and disrupt the client asking for a price. They will still anchor the conversation by bringing a high price to the table for ‘possible’ engagement but then move to a paid 3hr workshop, once the client commits to the money back guarantee workshop Excite Media have excised the competition.

Download Excite Media’s WebIQ Evolution Process & Documentation here


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