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26:7 How to market your services

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Are your current marketing strategies failing you? Do you even have a marketing strategy? (Hey, I’m often winging it folks). Today Michelle Hunter shares how we can create a marketing plan for our services. Expect zero “buzz words”, instead easy to understand explanations, advice and actions.

Michelle Hunter  - Michelle Hunter Creative


Michelle Hunter

Michelle Hunter Creative

She also shares things we all tend to try that don’t work, as well as explaining why certain Facebook ads just don’t work! I was guilty of all of it! DOH!

Michelle is a marketing strategist and copywriter. She works with creative entrepreneurs and established professionals to help refine their business models, their offers, and then develop core messaging to supercharge their marketing.

Key Takeaways

  • Marketing is essentially a conversation.
  • You don’t know what you like doing unless you give things a try.
  • We all start off thinking we are going to do something but the moment we step out into the market and start serving our clients that idea evolves.
  • The most compelling place to connect with a client is at the problem. Starting at the pain point and the problem level and then lead them to a solution.

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