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25:3 How to get more traffic and leads

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

They preach it from the roof tops: “Content is king”, and yet how do we create content that ACTUALLY generates leads? How can we make what we’ve already created work for our business?

Daniel Daines-Hutt - Amp My Content


Daniel Daines-Hutt

Amp My Content

Meet my long term Facebook mate Daniel Daines-Hutt. Here is his bio in his own words:

“I’m a marketing nerd I have a background in Direct Response (PPC), but ironically its my content marketing that people know me for Some social proof so you know i’m ‘legit’

  • Had the Top 10 content of all time on (Alongside Moz and Backlinko etc)
  • Top content of 2017 on GrowthHackers
  • Content shared or referenced by CEO of Microsoft, Ryan Deiss, Neil Patel, Sujan Patel, Copyhackers, Sean Ellis, Glen Alsopp and more!
  • Got a new site to 50,000 visitors in 2 weeks with some viral content (Which lead to $3 Mill in client requests)”

Key takeaways

  • What can you work on today that will build up over time and benefit you in the future?
  • Focus on your long term goals.
  • Regular small actions towards a goal can produce big rewards.
  • Don’t always imitate what you see. It’s not always correct.
  • Content is not about quantity. Put out good quality content.
  • Consider how you can have a conversation with your reader within your content


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Connect with Daniel:

Website – click here
Facebook – click here
Twitter – click here


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