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24:1 How to develop a personal brand

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Nicole has grown her Social Media agency by developing her personal brand. We explore with her how she launched and hid behind her brand, and how putting herself out there changed her business.

Nicole Osborne  - Wunderstars


Nicole Osborne


Key takeaways

  • Your tone of voice is your personality on paper, if you wouldn’t say it to your mum then don’t say it to your client.
  • She shares how important it is to own what makes you different and how she has done this for her own personal brand.
  • You never really learn social media as it evolves all the time it is more about applying your marketing principles to it
  • Talks about developing your personal brand and owning who you are. (Regaining your confidence).
  • Use the same head-shot across all platforms, this helps people know who you are no matter what platform they are on.
  • The more you are yourself, the more likely you are to attract the sort of leads you want and the clients that you want to have.
  • Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself.
  • Treat your own brand like a clients project and you will definitely be sure to do it.

Key thing to focus on:

  • adding value
  • leading by example
  • showing them what they could be getting
  • networking
  • focusing on creating those relationships

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