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26:2 How to deal with feeling overwhelmed

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Overwhelm, stress, worry, anxiety can be the everyday experience of an agency owner. We talk with Gabrielle Treanor, and unpack tools we can use to improve our mental health and better handle the day to day. The questions we ask Gabrielle are all from our Agency Trailblazer community from business owners that are looking for help to work through the daily struggles they have. The most common questions revolve around overwhelm or stem from it and Gabrielle shares wonderfully clear and actionable answers to help us deal with our emotions, feelings and thoughts.

If you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed, please be sure to check out episode 200 where I share my own journey and the steps you can take to improve your agency and lifestyle.

Gabrielle Treanor  - Gabrielle Treanor


Gabrielle Treanor

Gabrielle Treanor

Questions we cover from our members

How do you cope when nothing seems to be going right or beyond your control?

How do I deal with the overwhelm and the feeling I just want to shut down?

I struggle with overwhelm, how manage with severe procrastination off of the back of that?

I often have feelings of anxiety before client calls for no reason. Are there any exercises I can do to feel calmer?

How do I deal with switching off from my agency. I find myself wanting to work most of the day. How to switch off from work and be present for my family.

What advice for business owners who operate alone (generally happily so) but sometimes get lost in their own thoughts about directions to take in business?

What resources does Gabrielle recommend for people in distress, who need to talk to someone who understands their predicament?

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Helpful websites

WP&UP – Providing Mental Health Support within the WordPress Community – click here
Samaritans Help Line – click here
Mind Mental Health Charity – click here
Befrienders Worldwide – click here

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