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25:4 How to create an agency that you can love

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Ever looked at your business and wondered how it got to where it is? Do you like what you see? Bob shares his story of creating a large agency up in Aberdeen. Despite ticking all the “success boxes”, having a large team was not necessarily giving Bob the lifestyle and the satisfaction he needed.

Bob Gentle - AmplifyMe


Bob Gentle


Bob took action… Be like Bob😃

He significantly changed things to build an agency that he loves and that he can add the most value. It looks completely different today!

Come on the journey with us in this week’s episode.

Key Takeaways

  • Be sure to take a step back and look at your business and your lifestyle.
  • Evaluate the services you offer. Do they play to your strengths?
  • Look at the numbers… do they make sense?
  • Can you build in specialisation rather than relying on volume?
  • What causes you the most stress in your agency? Can it be eliminated?

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