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24:7 How to build authority in your niche

Lee Matthew Jackson
Lee Matthew Jackson

Many agencies struggle to generate solid leads for their business, as by “serving everyone”, they struggle to communicate who they are, what they do and who they do it for.

Alex Curtis shares his own journey of freelancing and launching an agency that naturally niched into the Finance sector. He doubled down and has grown a large team. He shares how he has used social media to generate leads for his niche and grow his business.

Alex Curtis - The Lead Engine


Alex Curtis

The Lead Engine

Takeaway 1

‘Recognizing it is 100% your fault because your allowing yourself to be treated like this’

Supporting notes: Recognizing that your customers are not treating you with the right respect and just allowing them to do so is your fault at the end of the day for letting it carry on.  Alex was being underpaid for one of his projects and was advised to speak to them.

Takeaway 2

‘Rather than burying your head in the sand go for it, have that conversation don’t be scared to lose the client’

Supporting notes: If there is a situation with your client you shouldn’t hold back from talking to them even if it may mean you will lose them as it opens up more room for other clients that are much more appreciative.

Takeaway 3

‘People wanting something they don’t need’

Supporting notes:  Despite people wanting a website, Alex likes to focus in on why they need one, and what it needs to do to have the desired outcome. People think they want a website but it needs to go much deeper than that.

Takeaway 4

‘Niche within the niche’

Supporting notes: Alex breaks down his niche’s and knows exactly who his customers are and how he focuses his marketing to his customers.

Takeaway 5

‘The disruption is you serving them a solution to their problem in a place they are not expecting’

Supporting notes: For example, connecting with their problem in a place that they are not expecting like on social media when they are procrastinating.

Takeaway 6

‘It’s great to hear about other people’s pains so we can avoid them’

Supporting notes: Alex spent a number of years getting nowhere and was incredibly frustrated. He wished he spent a bit of money on ads sooner as it would have benefited the business.

Takeaway 7

‘If your a generalist your replaceable’

Supporting notes: If you are outstanding in your job for example a plumber there are not a lot of people whose ambition is to take up that role therefore there is a big demand, whereas if your job role is a email marketer there are so many people that can be replaced in that sector of work.

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